Redevelopment Project

As The Pines advances to a new era, the quintessential of changes is demanded of its hardware and facilities. To present a progression, the proposed redevelopment plan of the club is therefore introduced.With inclusion of expansion and additional amenities, the projected design of the new club is directed to provide better services to the Members.

As part of the dialogue on 21st August 2012,  the following is a Question and Answer of the proposed Club re-development. We are aware of the concerns regarding this re-development, appended are answers to some of the queries that you may have:

How long will the re-development take?

Approximately between 2 - 3 years based on proposed plan

What are the projected commencement dates?

If all relevant approvals are granted; demolition work will commence by March 2013 starting from the members’ car park and Tennis courts area and by November 2013, the club operations will be fully disrupted.

Is the club the only facility for this re-development or are there any other constructions planned?

Yes there are, however there is no confirmation as of now. Still in discussion/negotiations & subjected to approval by relevant authorities as well as from the business viability standpoint.

Will the club be able to carry out the project in stages so that members’ usage will not be affected?

No, as the existing club will have to be demolished to make way for the new clubhouse as there will be major structural changes.

At what stage are we at, for the approval process by government authorities for this Project?

Preliminary; no full approval granted yet, only ‘Approval in Principal’. 

Do we have to ‘top-up any money’ for the costs of construction?

No! All costs for the constructions would be borne by the owner

Are members required to pay higher subscription fees upon completion of the club to fund the cost of construction?

Any increase in subscription after the re-development is not to repay the construction cost but rather, would be due to market conditions, increase in operation costs or inflation.

What happens if there is a delay in project?

We don’t wish for this to happen as it means it will be a loss of income for the club. We will do our utmost to meet the schedule of completion. Progressive reports will be provided on our Website.

What is the cost of the project & how are we financing it?

The overall project cost has not been established at this moment but all costs involved will be borne by the owner

Will our club lease be extended another 2/3 years upon completion of 30 years tenure (2032) because of this project?

Yes! The Pines  membership will expire in 2034 or 2035 instead and the club’s constitution will be amended accordingly.

Is there any alternative venues/clubs that we can use during these 2/3 years?

Yes, we will make arrangement for the use of the facilities at Laguna National, for those who want to, we will arrange full Social Membership privileges, except with no voting rights.

Will subscription continue to be charged during these 2/3 years during the construction period?

Yes, those who opt for usage at Laguna National. For those who choose an ‘inactive’ status, subscriptions will not be charged for the duration of the construction.

Will members be given special golfing privileges and special rates at the two courses at Laguna National?

We have plans to organize ‘Privilege Golfing Day’ monthly for all Pines members who opt for usage at Laguna National.

What are the options if we do not wish to continue with the membership at this moment and/or after completion?

The club will assist to sell your membership to the ‘Open Market’ before & after completion or you can resign from the club.

Does the club intend to increase its membership base after the completion?

Yes, a cap on the member inventory will be set once the approval of the club facilities by relevant authorities.

What will happen to the staff during these 2 years?

The board has extended offer for continued employment to majority ‘Pines employees’ in their subsidiaries

Will there be information and/or updates provided on the progress of the works?

Yes, Membership & Marcom will actively communicate with you via the Website during the construction period as the disruption is only temporary. Also, we will try to organize ‘Social gatherings’ to provide the network channel; both for the club & amongst members periodically.   

Where will the Pines temporary Membership office be located during the 2 years of closure?

Most likely at Laguna National but we will keep you informed once finalized

We look forward to your forthcoming support on this embarkation. At the same time, The Pines will extend a series of membership services to members during the period of change.  Please welcome these changes as we move forward together for a greater clubhouse experience. 

We will inform members in due course as to the expected closure date of The Pines for the reconstruction.  In the meantime we welcome any feedback or queries you may have.  Please feel free to contact our Membership or Marketing Communications department thru the club’s main line or via our email: or